Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore...r/o

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  1. Just heard that they got married over the weekend. Demi's ex-husband also attended the wedding. I just love how they are such a close knit family. Kutcher&Moore are so cute together:smile:
  2. Off topic, sorta, but what does r/o mean?

  3. :biggrin: hope that helped
  4. Ahhh.....

  5. I heard the same. It was reported in US Weekly. I actually don't like them as a couple personally. But that is just me. I find it quite odd for the man to be so much younger, since most of us know how immature men are!
  6. I have a question: Would any of still care who Demi Moore is if she wasn't involved with Ashton Kutcher? She hardly stars in movies anymore, and even when she did they were mostly bad.

    I wish the best for both of them, and it is refreshing that Demi and Bruce get along so well. My parents have been divorced ever since I can remember and it really makes me uncomfortable that they still hate each other and fight after being divorced 20 years.
  7. Demi Moore has lost it. Kutcher isn't hugely famous in my opinion (Punk'd doesn't count!). But maybe they truly love eachother- the age difference just freaks me out a little!!
  8. Yeah Demi Moore lost whatever she had that got her on the big screen in the first place. I think Kutcher, though, will remain famous for some time to come. His lousy movies have made a surprising amount of money (Just Married, Guess Who). And you gotta admit when he gets typecast into those Kelso-esque dumbass roles, he is quite funny.
  9. Demi & Ashton I hope it'll last longer than usual celeb marriages...