Club ASHLYN strut your stuff **CLUBHOUSE**!!!!

  1. I want to see pictures, how you dress her up... How she looks on...

    Show me your stuff Ashlyn! Leather, signature show her off!

    Not my pic's but some samples.
    ashlyn.jpg ashlyn 2.jpg ashlyn 5.jpg ashlyn3.jpg ashlyn4.jpg
  2. LOL! I was going to get the black bag today!!!! DH was rushing me so I left it behind! But I love it!
  3. This is the LARGE Ashlyn in camel, it's about 16x14...this is the scarf I usually use.
  4. Ashlyn in Midnight:
  5. Bag Fetish, what's the leather on that second one? Is the soft suede-y like metallic? Like the small Poppy pushlock "wristlet" or Sabrina metallic leather? I LOVE that leather.
  6. yes I believe that is what it is ..
  7. Before I post my picture of my bag, let just say that I did not stage this, LOL. My 5 year old daughter put this on my bag so that I could hold it for her while we were out yesterday.

  8. ^^^ too cute!
  9. Why am I always drawn to this when it's so delicate?

    Did they have the shimmer leather ones at the outlet?
  10. Bag twins! I have the same one :smile:
  11. I joined the club today
  12. Here's mine, glad you made me want to get it out, it's so soft! I couldn't get my fob to fit in the metal area though - was it a tight fit? Not sure this works on there, just threw it on there to try
  13. I thin that charm is too think to fit where I had mine.. Charm looks good on your bag.
    I agree that bag is soft.. I love it! have you used yours much?
  14. No, I was buying too much at the time, tried it, liked it & then put it away, glad I got her back out of the closet
  15. are these at the outlets now? I want one.