Ashley's Rhinoplasty

  1. Hi Im new to this side of the forum but i thought i'd post this anyway. i thought it would be great to talk about Ashley's new nose after her Rhinoplasty opertion she had due to a deviated septum. im glad she had it done for health reasons as health does come first, it is quiet a slight change but i think she still looks beautfuil and can't wait to see other pics with her new nose.
    P.s. Sorry if this thread was posted couldnt find it anywere else.
  2. I'm not sure that I like this.
  3. Who is this person? Why are there so many threads about her nose???
  4. lol. She's the girl from High School Musical.
  5. LMAO I thougt the same thing.
  6. Ugh! Its totally different. She looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar. It looks like a a nose jobby nose. Not one she would get if she were getting her septum fixed for "health reasons".
  7. First photo: Hey Brittany Murphy. I loved you in Clueless.

    Secondly, her nose looked better before. Her new nose is too thin and it takes all the character out of her face. Downgrade. :tdown:
  8. Ya...I think her nose looks bad...I hate to say it!
  9. I almost didn't recognize her especially in the first pic she looks like a completely different person, I don't really like it
  10. im sad to say she really mutilated herself..she was so so pretty she doesnt look good at all..i feel bad for her..her eyes look diffrent too...its just so sad what people do to themselves