Ashley's new Hair: What Do You Think ?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Which is new?

    Blonde: YAY!

    Brown: NAY!!
  3. I hope the blonde is new because the brown looks really dull on her.
  4. hate the brown on her :'( just doesn't work.
  5. She looks washed out with dark hair.

    I always wanted to dye my hair black, but I'm really pale, so I'm afraid it would make me look like a corpse.

    Same thing with her.
  6. The blonde looks gorgeous on her!
  7. I like the blond too.
  8. The brown looks terrible, the blond looks so good on her. But i have a feeling it is the brunette shade.
  9. i love how the blonde looks on her ... it complements her skin
  10. I am much more of a blonde fan with Ashley, however, I would be curious to see what she looks like with the sunnies off and with some makeup on, it may indeed look lovely...either way GOD IS SHE STUNNING!!
  11. Is that brown one with wet hair, or is it just that greasy? :/
  12. it looks really greasy...ewww!
  13. soggy, stringy brown vs. lush, bouncy blonde...i think the answer is obvious.

  14. my thought exactly
  15. the brown looks horrible, she looks way better blonde.