Ashley's Coach Collection

  1. Here is my small but growing purse collection!:heart: Right now I have primarily Coach bags. I am dreaming of 1 LV (Speedy 30) & 1 Balenciaga bag (city in Sandstone) in particular... I like to have a few bags that are my absolute favorites that blend with my wardrobe rather than having alot of bags.
    The following from L to R are:

    *Ergo Tote in Camel
    *apple embossed keyfob
    *Chelsea Signature Wristlet in Silver & Khaki
    *Chelsea Signature Turnlock Wristlet in Silver & Khaki/Tobacco
    *Hamptons Fall '07 Patchwork Tote
    *Hamptons Fall '07 Patchwork Wristlet
    *I actually don't know the name of this style bag & wallet, & it bothers me! If anyone knows, please post. I purchased both in January 2006 from Coach @ Macy's.
    *photo album
    *ponytail scarf (from '06)
    *skinny scarf (from '06)
    *pink heart keychain

    I plan on posting individual pics of each bag soon!!! Thanks for viewing my mini collection, haha :smile:
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  2. You have a great collection
  3. Great coach collection!!:tup:
  4. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing!
  5. Very cute Coaches!
  6. Love your Ergo and the pink scarf!
  7. You have a beautiful collection of handbags.
  8. Nice
  9. Nice collection.
  10. great collection
  11. You have a wonderful Collection!
  12. Very nice collection!! :tup:
  13. You have a wonderful collection!
  14. That collection looks perfect for you :love:
  15. Very nice collection!