Ashley vs. MK - Who wears her T-Shirts and Jeans better?


Ashley vs. Mary-Kate?

  1. Ashley

  2. Mary-Kate

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  1. Any time we see photos of one of the Olsen twins, we always have to slow down to double-check if it’s Ashley or Mary-Kate. But when they both went out this weekend in gray T-shirts and skinny jeans, we could barely figure it out! (For the record, it’s Mary-Kate on the left, and Ashley on the right). Mary-Kate accessorized her slouchy shirt with a big belt, Christian Louboutin pumps and white Ray Ban sunglasses. Ashley pairs her slimmer American Apparel t-shirt and Earnest Sewn Harlan 18 jeans with Mosley Tribe aviators, a Givenchy “Nightingale” bag and major wedge heels. We want to know which twin’s style you like better! Tell us: Who wears their gray t-shirt and jeans better? Mary-Kate or Ashley?


  2. They look so different.. I love Ashley's great sleek chic look... but MK has her whole boho, trailer chic look down to a pat.
  3. I prefer MK's look.
  4. Totally agree! Not voting cause of this fact too
  5. i, too, like both their styles.
  6. love them both!
  7. Like them both, but voted for Ashley.
  8. Ashley looks more chic and put together.
  9. I love them both for different reasons. But voted for Ashley
  10. Ashley always looks better!
  11. i think MK's shoes goes better with the jeans
  12. BOTH are great in their own way. I would wear Ashley's look but I love the way MK wears her tshirts as well.
  13. Ashley's shoes and the tucked in tee aren't my favorite, so for this one, I went with MK.
  14. i like MK on this pic but I usually like Ashley's style more..
  15. ^^ Ita