Ashley Tisdale's Pissed Off Phone Call

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  1. lol do you think she's on the phone with her boyfriend of plastic surgeon?

    a lot more pictures here

  2. ^ Maybe she is unhappy with the new HSM script and demands rewrites ;)
  3. Wow, who is this girl to be talked about all the time?
  4. I like her black nikes.
  5. She probably realized she won't get anymore acting jobs playing a teenager...
  6. "Why did Vanessa get the Neutrogena was supposed to be meeeeeeeeeeeee"
  7. poor Ashley, she really gets nailed on the blogs :sad:
  8. i really like her, and her nose isn't even that different i don't know why people are always bagging her out. she's better than vanessa i reckon
  9. LOL I look like that sometimes when I really start to argue.
  10. ^Lol same here.

  11. LOL!!!!!!
  12. Besides HSM and a nose job, has she done anything noteworthy?