Ashley Tisdale thread.

  1. who are the boots by? Anyone know?
  2. maybe? or maybe the coach legacy?
  3. I think she has a great style, she is young and beautiful.
  4. Everything looked fine until I saw those hideous boots.
  5. I love her locks and the Prada bag is TDF but the new nose and biker boots really ruin her overall look.
  6. Ashley on the beach in Hawaii with her family and boyfriend

    is there already an A.T. thread??




  7. ^i don't think so, we should make this the Ashley thread!
  8. I like her bag.
  9. Those gladiators are fugly. But I love the J12 watch!!
  10. I sooo love her bag, but those gladiator shoes has to goooo
  11. I love those boots!!
  12. Oh My Lord I Want That Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I Totally Am Head Over Heels In Love With TISDALE's giant brown prada bag!

    Where Can I Buy It?!

    On Sale?!

  14. She is actually very stylish and hot! Love her.