Ashley Tisdale oulfit

  1. Hello everyone. Im trying to find the dress and ESPECIALLY the tights worn here (I love the color of them). anyone have any clue where I can? Do you guys even like this look? Thanks ya'll.
  2. I have a dress sort of similar to that made by Fighting Eel that I just bought. It's not *quite* as glittery / shimmery, but it's still metallic but just more subtle. Here's a pic of it (this isn't me):

  3. it looks similar to this alice & olivia dress to me


    as for the tights, i think any semi-opaque tights will do-pretty much all lines carry something similar, from wolford to donna karen to hue, dpending on how much you want to spend ;).
  4. ^^^^I think it might be that alice & olivia as well.
  5. ^Wow that looks exactly like it! I think the dress looks better without the long sleeve layered underneath. :yes:
  6. ^me too.
  7. I like your dress!!!:rolleyes:
  8. Awww I love your dress chai15 !!!
    Thanks for all your help everyone.