Ashley Tisdale @ DVD premiere of Disney's "High School Musical 2" in Los Angeles

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  2. she looks nice, thanks for posting!
  3. Love her dress! Is it me, or is she looking thinner?
  4. I love her hair!
  5. she looks cute but I think she could have left the dog at home!
  6. ^^^ I think that's the dog her character "Sharpay" has in the movie ... it's actually the director (Kenny Ortega)'s dog.
  7. Love her dress.
  8. im sorry but she has no style and she isnt very pretty.

    nice post though
  9. Nice legs!
  10. Her hair looks really great!
  11. Aw I like her and I LOVE HSM. The dog is adorable.
  12. does anyone else find it weired that shes 22 and looks and acts 14. I know its for character but it gets a little annoying. i know at least shes not out doing all this other crazy stuff that most skanyelebrities her age are doing.
  13. She is 22?! Whoa, thought she was still a teenager!
  14. I like her dress but it could do without those weird childish dangling things and some cleavage LOL