Ashley Tisdale Chanel Purse

  1. I'm new to the thread.. Please correct me if i'm wrong, I'm still in the process of learning all the different styles.. Is she wearing a Classic Flap purse? and Do you guys know the size and the price? Thanks!
  2. I think it's the jumbo, but i'm not definitely sure about it.
  3. Looks like a Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap to me. Not sure if its Caviar though - hard to see the texture of the leather.
  4. It's the Jumbo flap in caviar leather, retail now for $2600's
  5. Hi ladies,

    do you know if its gold hardware or silver?
  6. looks like gold to me. If I compare it with Vanessa's part time (I know that is gold) it looks the same colour.