Ashley Simpson's nose job?

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  1. Isn't it great, does anyone know who did it?
  2. rumor has it, it was done by dr. raj kanodia (he's one of the plastic surgeons featured on the show dr. 90210).
  3. I think she looked better before. Her old nose looked good with her face. Now, she looks too much like her sister. What next? A Jess Simpson trout-pout?
  4. Eh it doesn't look like 'her' IMO. But I am not sure of the Dr that performed the operation..
  5. I prefer her original nose.
  6. she really has worked on her image with the longer hair extensions and plastic surgery.
    I think her nose looks better and keeps the focus off her lack of singing talent and lip sync fiasco and more on her looks.
  7. i think her new nose looks great on her - he did a great job!