Ashley Simpson with a Paddy!

  1. [​IMG]

    I just saw this bag in Starbucks this morning too!
  2. so cute! is that the small one?
  3. it! Is it silver or just glare from flash?
  4. Dang, she looks cute there. She also as a large Zippy in Blanc.
  5. ohhh, that bag is super cute
  6. She looks great for a paparazzi shot! :smile:

    Love the metallic silver! :smile:
  7. what a great picture!
  8. Yeah, it's metallic silver. I guess it's the baby Paddy though...

  9. yes, it should be the small silver one...:cool:
    Ashlee has a lot of 'it' bags, although they don't match perfectly with her style IMO:hrmm:
  10. She looks really pretty there! She's getting prettier and prettier yay!
  11. That looks great on her!! Love the Paddy still!!!
  12. I came across another picture of Ashley with her Paddy.
  13. so cute! i love the color and size so much :smile:
  14. Wow, love that silver!!
  15. Hmmm, silver...thinkin' hard! And the mini, soooo cute!:love: