Ashley Simpson - Barbie Girl in a Plastic World?!

  1. Wow...she looks almost unrecognizable. :wtf: I smell future Joan Rivers here...
    ashlee-simpson-09140601-1.jpg ashlee-simpson-09140603.jpg ashlee-simpson-09140610.jpg ashlee-simpson-09140612.jpg

    Someone's had WAY too much botox, her face doesn't change at all w/ each expression! :sad:
    I hope Papa Joe feels partially responsible, he's a whack job!
  3. Wow!! that is her??? She was much better off before.
  4. I can't believe that's even her... damn... :wtf: She looked so much better before.
  5. She's what?? 22??
    My god she looks like she's 35!!!!!

    Imagine, this was Ashlee a few months ago!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. oh my goodness what happened to her face, she use to look so pretty!
  7. ewwwwwwww
  8. She looks plastic! She was much prettier before.
  9. Did she get veneers as well? I actually liked her before AND after the nose/chin job.... but if those are veneers that is the final straw.
  10. She's crazy for doing this to her self. She was beautiful before this.
  11. OM..gosh...
    This is crazy... that does not look like her at all..
    WOW WOW WOW... well you know I feel bad for her...shes always in her sister's footsteps..
    perhaps she wanted to excel?and get more attention....*sigh*
  12. are you sure thats her?
  13. That was my first thought... not that it would surprise me.
    How ick.
  14. Yikes! Those lips are just *GAG*!
  15. I dunno, that is the only set on that whole site where she looks *different* like that. Well of all the pages of pics I just looked at. Hello waste of time!