Ashley Olsens Turban

  1. i want this! :drool:
    i read somewhere it's made by Prada. I don't know where i could buy it though.
  2. lol ...

    This should be in the wadrobe might have better luck there.
  3. yes probably should be in Wardrobe..

    but surprisingly.. she doesn't look half bad!!
  4. :shame: could a mod possibly move it for me??
    thanks girls
  5. Looks like it is from the Prada Spring/Summer 07 line...
  6. Here is a link to the post I did on the Prada Spring 07 line- check out the models . they have this headband on :yes:
  7. where/how would i be able to get my hands on it :graucho:
  8. She looks cute... aside from the pucker lips.
  9. ooh that's super 80s!
  10. Is it just me, or do her sunglasses look cheap? :confused1:
  11. I actually like it. Maybe they have them at the boutique?
  12. Looks different :smile:
  13. Its cute but I feel like it doesn't work with that outfit. Not with the leather and cotton and other materials. I think you need something else a little luxe going on...
  14. OT but flip flops totally kill any outfit. she looks great until you see her feet
  15. Holt Renfrew in Canada made an exact copy for $40 I just bought it in black....I wonder if they would do a charge send and mail you one? They also had the Prada ones but obviously you're in LA so could find the Prada one there!