ashley olsen's shoes - please help me find!

  1. hey everyone! i found these recent pictures of ashley olsen and i really like her booties! i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find them or which brand they are. i'm looking for either this or something similar for fall.


  2. Her shoes are Christian Louboutin.
  3. Wow, those are really cute!
  4. The are Christian Louboutin Laponos. They have the grey suede ones at Barneys in Seattle last week when I went there.
  5. I want a pair. these are so cute and I also love the color.
  6. awesome! how much are they? did they come in other colors?
  7. at the seattle barneys they had them in fuxia in addition to grey suede I think. I dont remember seeing any other colors.
  8. is that a bright pink?
  9. yes pink suede
  10. oooh those are divine.
  11. Those are so beautiful! Looks a bit like those shoes Jan Taminiau sold...
  12. I hope you can get them--they're so adorable and hot at the same time!
  13. thanks! i'm just debating the color - blue or grey...hmm..