Ashley Olsen's Lanvin Kansas Bag

  1. Hey everyone. Yes, yet another Ashely Olsen question. Does anyone know the size of her lanvin kansas bag that looks like a slouchy version of a birkin with a handle? Also is it still available in stores, and if so how much? Also does anyone know the authentic signs of a lanvin bag? I see one on eBay but have no idea if its authentic.


    Any suggestions would be much much appreciated. It looks a bit bigger than AO's but ehhh maybe its just the picture.

  2. Check out Bergdorf Goodman. They sell Lanvins and I have seen the Kansas, so you can get the dimensions. Also, try doing a search to see if other TPF members have authenticated Lanvin bags. Good Luck!
  3. Check out they have the Kansas in brown and metallic and they also have the larger size Kentucky bag.
  4. Valerie, you are absolutely right! It's Barney's! Not BG! Sorry!
  5. That one looks authentic. That one is the Kentucky tote. Its longer in shape. There is also a smaller version called the Kansas. Check out they have both listed on the website. Prices range from $1800-2000. That bag has been around for awhile but with slight variations each season. I've also seen them on sale just after Christmas. Its a great bag.