ashley olsen's handbag

  1. i'm dying to know what this bag is. helppppp!
    she has another handbag that is very similar to this one also.....

    clearly, the hardware on both bags are dfferent but are they the same brand? help! let me know thanks!!
  2. Why do those two always look so incredibly unhappy? Im sure its because they have parrazzi in their face but geeez!!!

    Hermes and Chanel, right?
  3. i thought the first one was a hermes but i don't know...and now that you mention it, the second one probably is a chanel. shame that i didn't recognize it at first. but thanks. how much do they cost?
  4. The first one is Marco Tagliaferri ;)
  5. The second one is a Chanel cerf tote.
  6. Hermes Birkin and Chanel Cerf
  7. thanks all! now i'm not paranoid :smile: i love this forum
  8. I love the Chanel, I wonder what it goes $ for?
  9. Because the pic above is a Birkin.
  10. i think the first one IS a hermes but i was also looking for the marco tagliaferri one anyways so thanks
  11. Yay, I guessed correctly! I've learned so much here on tPF.:yahoo: