Ashley Olsen's big bag

  1. ashley-olsen-huge-bag.jpg
  2. That´s a little too big :lol:
  3. she could sit in it! LOL!
  4. It looks foolish- way to big!
  5. Maybe her sister is in it! <jk>!!!
  6. Maybe she's traveling?:shrugs:
  7. LOL!! i love the caption!
  8. poor mary kate! :lol:

    yes, i also think she is travelling.
  9. WOW!! what a big bag LOL
  10. That thing is massive!
  11. :throwup:Oh gosh, I really love big bags, but this one.... really too much!
  12. That's rediculous!
  13. There is a word in fashion and design called... scale.
    And she absolutely has no sense of it!:shrugs:
    What can one possibly be carrying with them that they need so much room? (who makes that bag anyway?)
  14. not her shopping, cos' she's has a shopping bag in her right and, this is so rid.
  15. That caption is hillarious!:lol:
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