Ashley Olsen sunglasses! Who are they by?

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  1. Hi ladies. So i have been trying to identify who these solid black shield sunglasses ms ashley olsen wears so often are by? I know she wears the Tom Ford Hawkings a lot as identified on this forum before...but these seem to be less aviator style and more shield. Does anyone know? I am dying to get them...

  2. another photo of them...

  3. I was looking for these too! I've narrowed my search down, as I know she's a fan of Tom Ford. I think they're either:

    Tom Ford Andrea

    Tom Ford Ford


    Tom Ford Farrah


    I just wish I could find a really close up picture to see if I'm close :shrugs:

    Photos are from
  4. I think misskt might've nailed it. They look a lot like the ones in the middle. I just wish they weren't so expensive!
  5. don't know about the sunglasses, but i love her scarf!
  6. They look a lot like the Tom Ford Ford ones.
    I love the Farrahs!
  7. thanks everyone! I actually tried on the Tom Ford Fords in store because i thought those were the ones as well, but they seemed much more "square" (like the sunglasses elderly folks wear from the optomitrist) in real like than of the photos on I agree they resemble the ones ashely is wearing the most in the photo online, but in real life they didnt. I am leaning more towards the andrea now (even though ashleys dont have the crome/silverish temples), because the shape looks more accurate. I am still not positive, but thanks for the all the input! It was very helpful! Ashley has the greatest style!
  8. Hi, could someone be a doll and message me the brand of bag she is wearing. Is it fendi or LAMB?? Sorry, for my ignorance. lol

    Oh, message me b/c i know i will forget to check this thread.
  9. I LOVE LOVE those shoes! Does anyone know who they're by?
  10. so cute. I also love her bag.
  11. love her vintage fendi bag :heart:.

  12. jstreete,
    hey :smile: i believe the heels are from Azzedine Alaia
    i :heart:her style!!;)
  13. Oh, those glasses are cute!
  14. My guess is Balenciaga.