Ashley Olsen studded shoes

  1. Olsen Shoes.jpg

    Hi, Does anyone know whi makes the shoes Ashley is wearing in the attached picture.

    I would love them.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Manolo Blahnik. I saw them in Neiman Marcus in San Francisco yesterday. I think they might have been on sale.
  3. Great, thank you so much.

    I hope I can fine them.
  4. You're welcome! Good luck on finding them. Will you strictly be looking in London?
  5. Definitely MB. Have been thinking about purchasing them :smile:
  6. Well, am going to try in London but if I have no luck I will look elsewhere.

    Just have an issue with all the customs fess they charge if I buy from the US.

    Do you know what they are called?

  7. oh wow those are hot...i wonder how high the heel is...anyone have a name for it? tried looking at the MB website but it wasnt very helpful nor extensive on their shoe collections...
  8. I wish I remembered the name. Hmm, I do not think they are in the current season collection (though I could be wrong about that.) Being that they are the only ones that look like that if you call around and describe it SAs would know which one it is. Oh, and the heel height looks about 3+ inches.
  9. oohhh okay...yap--going to try and call didnt remember the price by any chance though right? it would be awesome though if its on sale too hahahah...thanks again!!! =)
  10. I just called the London shop and they said they don't have them.

    Now I'm on a mission!!!
  11. I *think* it was $495 or $595 before the sale price.
  12. LavenderIce, thank you so much for all your help.

    Am going to try and call then when they open.
  13. Call in about an hour. They open 10:00 am PST.
  14. Thanks.

    Am getting a bit excited now, hope they have them left in my size.
  15. Ooooh I love those shoes too, I wonder how much they will be if they're on sale :graucho: Please do let us know... thanks!!!