Ashley Olsen in New York City

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  1. Ashley Olsen is in the August issue of Nylon Magazine and she looks fabulous. Looks like suspenders will be the "in" thing this fall and it also looks like leggings won't be leaving anytime soon.:sad:


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  2. Shes gorgeous.
  3. She's pretty. I don't like how her pics come out sometimes. I think she's more down to earth than her twin.
  4. yea she really is.You don't hear much of her and Marykate is usually the one who gets all the attention because of her eating disorder.Ashley also comes across more classy and put together.:yes:
  5. she's gorgeous!!
  6. Some nice shots
  7. wow.. great pictures!
  8. Just love her since she was 3....
  9. i love it, great photos!
  10. is modeling her next goal or is she sticking to school/her production company. i think ashley is a class a act, especially have to stick through all that crap with her sister, it just shows even though you may share the same genetics, behavior can be totally different. i love her eyes!
  11. She's so beautiful in these pictures..she looks so grown up. I like Ashley more that Marykate they dress so differently. Ashley is more sophisticated while MK is more grungey.
  12. Pretty =)
  13. i honestly can't diffrentiate these two girls...
    and i feel disturebed that the twins always pouting her lips AAARRGGHHH
  14. i love the olsen twins i think they both have great style fashion wise but i actually prefer mary kate over ashley!
  15. i cant stand MK but adore ashley