Ashley Olsen clutch

  1. I love the clutch Ashley Olsen wore for the teen choice awards. I was doing some research, and I found that it was designed by B. Romanek. The style is called "Rockstar", and the colour of the one that Ashley is wearing is midnight. The small one retails for 1625$. I want it!!! :yes:
    olsenlouboutin.jpg rockstar_06_midnightblue.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. i like that.. but so much, esp for a clutch!
  4. woah, very neat clutch!
  5. cute clutch but the price is like wow!
  6. i like it but the price.... ooohhh:nuts: unless il have more mileage for that why not...
  7. I love the dress!!! Anyone happen to know where tht is from!?!
  8. i've seen that in a boutique, when i tried to hold it, it looks scary for me though. like i'm holding a crocodile's back :P
  9. Really? I must confess that I love clutches, I have lots. I have one very similar to the one Ashley and Mary-Kate are carrying in the photos below. I think theirs is a B. Romanek too(the large model).
    olsenmiumiumocasin2.jpg olsencalvinklein.jpg
  10. Is a vintage chloé dress
  11. i love the clutch in here. it's
    but the one before, i just don't like the tail-a-like part on the first bag :P
  12. its pretty but so exxpensive!
  13. i like it too, so chic!
  14. I saw that clutch here in HK....and it is beautiful, but I must say that it is a bit of a pain to get into, as you have to unwrap the flap twice, before the bag is open!