Ashley O, Hiding From The Paparazzi Behind Her Giant Hermes Bag

Jan 23, 2006
Ashley leaving Maxfield’s on December 16, 2006


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i don't understand why they're so famous?? they haven't starred in any hit movies or anything.

Uh, from infant age up until about 12 they kind of starred in that hit tv show.. oh yeah, umm.. geez, what's it called again? god..hmm.. FULL HOUSE! :rolleyes: OH! And yeah.. then they went on to be the youngest self-made billionaires ever when they started their own production company and had, basically, their own line of absolutely everything.

So yeah, gawd.. It's not like they've done anything.

But yeah, as for the outfit.. I actually like it. It's cute!:yes:
i think they look cute. it's definitely different from what anyone else in hollywood wears. and it's refreshing that they are never half naked like britney! they are respectable young adults. i love them! at least they always look interesting and i even liked it when they went thru the boho stage.
its fine if they don't want to pop out a boob at every turn a la Paris but they just always look misrable and old beyond thier years. Its not always the clothes, its their facial expressions. If I was that friggng rich I'd be flashing all 32 white-ones all the time. I mean come on you are young, rich & famous for nothing - SMILE for chrissake!