Ashley & Mary Kate For Teen Vogue:

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  2. I'm so over both of them. They looked so silly and Zoolanderish at the shows in Paris. And to be so into fashion, they both usually look like :throwup:
  3. I still like them. They are very successful and they don't conform.
  4. LOL!!!! Zoolander! I totally agree!
  5. I think they are both stunning...both have beautiful features
  6. They look great!!!!
  7. i think that they both look great.
  8. thanks for the pictures!
  9. Why don't they ever SMILE? Do they have teeth or what? Always with that frozen deer-in-headlights expression....
  10. i like ashley better!!and they have this cute baby face!
  11. They still look like they're twelve! But that isn't a bad thing in retrospect, they will always look younger! But they are cute even though they don't always have the best fashion sense!
  12. Yup :yes:
  13. awwwwwwwwww my best Hollywood stars:heart: love them ..
  14. i agree:yes:
  15. They both look great here I think. I'm usually not a fan of them but I won't deny that the pictures are great!