Ashley benson

  1. again with Keegan Allen!
  2. I was wondering the same thing, she is posting heaps of photos with him on instagram. They make a cute couple if they are together. He seems really sweet.

  3. she's seriously got the best pair of legs ever imo
  4. Ashley Benson - Samsung Galaxy S III Launch, LA (June:

    Source: OnCelebrity
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  5. taking pictures of the papz. how original.
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  7. She reminds me a lot of Tara Reid when she was first American Pie days
  8. What a shame- I hoped her and Keegan would get it on think about the eyes on those babies!

    She reminds me of a younger Cherlize... got that kind of natural beauty. Need to go home and catch up on PLL tonight :lol:
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  10. Source: JustJared
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  11. ew, i dont like the cut of that dress on her. lucy hale had the best red carpet look.
  12. Can someone ID the black fringe bag? Tia!
  13. they would be such a cute couple!
  14. I don't think she looks good lately and I hardly recognized Taylor!! His face looks so much thinner.
  15. I agree, her style is a bit more grungy but idk it doesn't really suit her that much well in the past couple of outfits anyway. I think I preferred her hair longer as well. Although, in certain shots it looks nice shorter