ashley and

  1. i just have to share this with you ladies i find it so cute :heart: ashley looking at bbags, she looks like a little kid looking at a bbag christmas tree, she looks so adorable in this pic and i love that wall of balenciaga bags :love:

    photo fr: tfs
  2. Do you know what color of the First that it's on the wall? Look yellow to me, I love yellow... :yes:

    What she has is Cornflower right?
  3. i do love that pic. so cute! look at the mustard yellow hanging there!
  4. this is an old pic, so it's not a cornflower.
    the yellow... is mustard yellow from 2003 or it could be anis. hard to tell from the pic.
  5. That is the cutest picture- wish I was there!:biggrin:
  6. The one on the wall looks like anis.
  7. ^^ how do you pronounce anis- is it like this- aneese?
  8. wish i was there to zacorey and most of all i wish im ashley so i can afford to buy bbags in every color :smile:
  9. A really lovely picture !!! Thanks for sharing :flowers::yes::smile:
  10. She's so cute!! I wonder what B-bags she bought that day...
  11. Looks like anis to me too (it's more green-ish than mustard-y yellow-ish). Wonder where that pic was taken...
  12. Cute!!!!!
  13. A - niece

    I love HER bag!!! The size looks great on her. Is it a work??
  14. she's so cute. love her and her sister. is that at Barney's?
  15. Cute! She looks like she did when she was a wee one on Full House!
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