ASHLEY and her Black CITY

  1. ashleerecord.jpg

    balenciaga is really rocking with the stars!!
  2. OMG with her new nose she looks like MKA and her sister Jessica morphed into one person.
  3. :roflmfao: :lol: LOL!
  4. I love her black City!!
  5. The city just looks better and better, the older and more worn and stuffed it gets! :love:
  6. She looks like Cameron Diaz and all the other blonde starlets rolled into one now. I think it's too bad she lost all of her distinguishing features to some surgeon's scalpel. Enough with the cookie-cutter Hollywood girls!
  7. i can't even tell who that is. but who cares, love the bag!
  8. I think that's Ashley Olsen NOT Simpson!
  9. Its def Ashlee Simpson - I've seen her with that UGG dog carrier before.
  10. i love the black city, its so classic~