Ashlee's New Look !

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    Holy makeover! Ashlee Simpson’s changed her hair -- and ahem, allegedly some other things -- this year, transforming from a rough-around-the-edges rocker chick to a softer glam girl. In fact, she’s been looking more and more like big sis Jessica’s mini-me. Now Ash is trying on yet another new look: a wispy, chin-length bob. (Hmm... didn’t Jessica just chop off all her hair as well?) But I have to admit, I don’t hate the ’do, even if it sort of looks like she cut it herself with cuticle scissors. I think Ashlee actually looks pretty cute. (And hey, if she hates it, she can always beg Jessica for a discount on her line of extensions!)
  2. i love her new look, but not her music.

    she looks very marc jacobsy right now. a MJ model str8 off the runway. ^_^
  3. She looks better as a blonde. When she had dark hair it just made her look even paler. Maybe she stopped being so anger??
  4. She looks beautiful. So much more natural. I don't think she needed to get her nose fixed but if it makes her happy then good for her.
  5. I don't like that look on her.. she should've kept the rocker edge..
  6. She looks absolutely great!
  7. Looks like Cameron Diaz
  8. I read she had to chop her hair for a part she's playing that requires a wig.
    I like this hair color on her alot.
  9. I think she looks very pretty now. :yes: I didn't like her look before.
  10. How did she get so greasy so suddenly? Always looking so sweaty and greasy.
  11. She looks adorable! I agree with her not needing the changes, but hey, whatever floats your boat!
  12. Exactly what I thought!!! She is smiling the same way Cam does.
  13. I don't like the fake braided hair headband. Looks soooo 2nd grade.
  14. Is it me or does her face/nose look a lot different? I thought that she had a big ger nose before...does anyone know????
  15. Yes----it was widely covered on tv, mags, on this board. She had a nose job. It's not a secret. Have you been vacationing on a private island? :P
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