Ashlee's New Job




    Ashlee Simpson, the latest celeb to help launch a new line of footwear for shoe giant Skechers, was on hand today in London to pose for photos and chat with fans as she introduced the very latest from the American shoe company.

    The 22-year-old singer signed a deal last year with the company to promote their sport, active and fashion footwear.

    The company believes that Ashlee is "the perfect union between fashion and music, using her influence to empower young women to be themselves

    Yeah, because a girl whose face is the result of the work of numerous plastic surgeons totally embodies the idea of "being yourself." Gimme a break!
  2. Are you saying she has had more than a nose job? I was unaware of her having more than one cosmetic procedure. I love Ashlee, I think she is adorable. :flowers:
  3. Sorry to say, I do think she has had multiple procedures...she doesn't even look like herself now...JMHO....she was so much better before.
  4. She doesn't even look like herself now...:sad:
  5. What a cutie! She looks good here but to me, much better when she had very dark hair.
  6. If you guys are saying she has had more than one operation, what were they?
  7. I adore her and her sister. Both really cute and personable. I love Ashlee with dark hair as well. :smile:
  8. I read somewhere she had her nose done, her chin and jaw restructured, and an eye lift
  9. ^^ but she's only 22 years old:wtf:
  10. She's cute and all but I'm with (Coachlover) she doesn't look like herself anymore.
  11. she just looks too weird!!!:confused1:
  12. Apparently she had her lips done as well...Jessica had hers done too and has admitted to it, so it's not a surprise that Ashlee would as well. As far as being a role model for being yourself, Ashlee is pretty much the worst! She looks like a carbon copy of her sister now with smaller boobs.
  13. Give that silly gal some shoe strings:lol: .
  14. Ok, now I'm never going to wear Sketchers. Not that I ever did or anything,.:yucky:
  15. Wow, she's had sooo much work done at such a young age. It's kinda sad because she was cute before.