Ashlee simspon nose job-real!!

  1. Wow. I feel like the changes she made to her nose are not all that drastic but when you look at her profile or look at her straight on she definitely looks different (does that make any A nose job can really change one's overall appearance. Hopefully she'll stop after this surgery; she's already a pretty girl.
  2. Thats a great nose job! I agree, she doesn't need anything else, she is pretty!
  3. She sure is... getting prettier by the day..

    As Jessica on the other hand is looking even shorter and stoutier than ever these days....
  4. honestly i think she would be okk withouth the surgery too!!
  5. That surgeon did a good job. Good plastic surgery should never be very noticeable...
  6. I was pretty impressed when I saw the before and after pics - this is the perfect example of good plastic surgery. I just hope she doesn't get carried away.
  7. I knew it!!! She looks so much better now!
  8. i want a nose job!! but *ouch* the pain makes me reconsider.
  9. I heard about this is some celeb mag. So it is true? It looks good. :smile:
  10. I think she looked fine before the surgery, but I agree, that is a good nose job!
  11. I kind of liked her old nose; it wasn't too bad and gave her face some character. However I do think the new one looks great too---that is a nice example of very good plastic surgery--it fits her face and the change is relatively subtle.
  12. MUCH better!!!
  13. i love her new nose :P