Ashlee Simpson's 23rd birthday party (lots of pictures)

  1. The theme was "80's Homecoming" (that's what I read on Livejournal), she looks so cute, and I love her dress!!! But Pete (her boyfriend, a.k.a. that guy from Fall Out Boy) is pretty much wearing the same thing that he wore in his band's video for "Dance, Dance" 2 years ago, and he looks really bad.

  2. Ashlee looks adorable! Not sure about Pete though. He looks kind of creepy with his hair slicked back like that. Either way they looked like they were having a blast!
  3. eww ita her bf looks creepy ..i dont really like her look either

    ^^^really love ur siggie too blue butterfly
  4. I know, he looks so creepy!
  5. Happy Birthday Ashley!
    She does not look good.
  6. One thing about the two of them...they always look like they are having fun.
  7. Thats what i was gonna say. I dont think they are supposed to look good anyway. I think they are just having a laugh dressing up.
  8. ^^I agree. They look like they are having a blast. Happy Birthday to her!!
  9. she does look like she is having a blast!
  10. Hahah looks like a fun time - love the 80's theme. The guy looks a bit creepy but I dare say its all in good fun.
  11. I agree. I'm not a fan of hers but pre-surgery Ashley was a lot better, I think. And I agree that Pete looks like such a creeper!
  12. 23? I never realized she was so young... How old is Jessica? I think I have them mixed up...

    The party looks like a lot of fun though all the girls in the background seem to be wearing black... how boring.
  13. ew, he's so gross. and she looks so fake. this 80's party seems like a way for her to show off her bad tastes more than anything!
  14. they look like they are having a blast. so cute.
  15. oh my god, what's that? The return of the 80's??