Ashlee Simpson

  1. she has great style in my opinoin. i'm in love with her lol she is my fav. celeb everr! if you wanna know all about the clothes she wears go to where you can actully buy most of it! tell me your views and opinoins of her or her style.. thanks!
  2. She's a waste of air and food. She has also no discernible talent and purpose in life. The only reason she is a D-List celebrity is because of her pushy father and greedy MTV.
  3. i'm sorry, but i don't like her and her sister :P
  4. I'm not a fan, but I do think she looks prettier with her re-shaped nose and the lighter hair. Don't know much about her style. We all have our favorites as well as celebs we dislike, so don't let it get to you if not everyone shares your enthusiasm. Sometimes people post on here about people I never heard of!:shrugs:
  5. Don't like either of them. Overall, I think Hollywood has an overabundence of no talent half wits that have altered themselves via surgery. They all look the same and are a very safe distance from true beauty.
  6. ^^^ Amen, and Amen and Amen. :biggrin:
  7. dont like her .. prefer Jess :heart:
  8. Really? I think her nose and her lips look just great...much much better than her sister...
  9. You are funny! LOL!! and sadly true...
  10. I don't like her that much especially after the plumped lip job pics. I like her better than her sister though.
  11. :roflmfao:

    amen- you are preaching to the choir!!! same with paris and britney:yucky:
  12. I have said this before, but I LOVE ashlee's music but I can't stand her personally..I saw her in concert in Dallas in June and she looked really pretty (not prettier than Jessica though)I think I liked her when she was actually true to what she would say..not like how when the issue of Marie Claire's Body loving issue came out with her on the cover, and she told all the girls to love themselves however they were and that same month she got a nose job..hypocrites..just like her ex-preacher dad and gospel singing sister
  13. i wouldn't be surprised in the starter of this thread worked for the simpsons or is even joe himself

    that guy is all over the internet message boards
  14. I don't like the simpson sisters... i can barely stand the hiltons, but thankfully Nicky seems nice.
  15. I wonder what will happen to the Simpson sisters after their fame is long gone. I am sure that in 5-10 years from now, few people will remember them. So what will they be doing for a living? Do we know if they finished high-school?