Ashlee Simpson

  1. Old picture, I know...but....

  2. I think there was talk that this was fake based on the square handle hardware.

    Not to mention it looks like she and her bag got ran over by a bus. :blink:
  3. Ha! And the zipper pull? Did Balenciaga ever use those, I have no idea about the first year bags.
  4. hey is that the flat brass hardware? i just took pix of my 2002 caramel first and it is in way better shape and has no stains. i will post them this week.
  5. Yes the rivets are flat but hers look gold not brass; another reason many thought this bag was fake.

    Chaussurewhore - does your bag have the square handle hardware?
  6. wow, you guys are good! no wonder i have to buy all my bals bags retail !!. i took upclose shots of all the hardware ,etc so you can all see how they started out. i was told they started putting indentations in the brass tab pieces bc the original ones broke and could not be fixed. mine has the origial pieces to compare to newer ones.
  7. zipper pull?
    bueller? :biggrin:
  8. no, they are rounded and i am original owner . i purchased her from the first season Barneys had them. in 2002. i will post the closeups of the metal pieces. i have gotta learn how to check out pix!!! otherwise, i will be buying retail forever......
  9. hehe yes, I think this pic pop up somewhere else before. Hmm now that I think about it, there was a thread for this - celebs and fake bags (mostly filled with paris hilton :biggrin:). If only I can find it..
  10. Are we sure this isn't an old bbag, with the ykk zipper...?
  11. That's what I've been asking!!!!
    Did the front pocket EVER have a YKK pull tab?!