Ashlee Simpson with new red hair 2008-01-10

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. OMG. I don't like it. She looks so pale now
    thanks for posting though :yes:
  3. i actually think it suits her, I'm so tired of seeing tanned celebs these days ! lol
  4. She does look really pale!
  5. I think it looks great.
  6. Not a very flattering color for her in my opinion.
  7. I think I'd need to see her in different lighting, but I hate the whole outfit.
  8. I think it looks fun!
  9. It's cute, but I think she looks best as a blonde.

    She is really pale!
  10. you're welcome! :smile: i agree, she's very pale.
  11. The red hair looks terrible :throwup: on Ashlee, but there's nothing wrong with her pale skin IMO.
  12. It looks like a wig to me.
  13. I'm not sure on the hair, but then again with her new nose and augmented upper lip - I have to get use to the new and improved version.
  14. Don't like it on her, she looks really pale, but it may be because of the flash. I'll wait for some more pics.
  15. i don't think it looks bad but I do like blond better on her