Ashlee Simpson plans to unviel new album....... and her alter-ego Vicky Valentine...

  1. MTV caught up with Ashlee Simpson this past weekend during the MTV VMA's weekend and got a sneak peek into her new album, due out in November. MTV describes the sound as a whole new world, Ashlee responding it as Vicky Valentine, her alter ego who embraces the wild side of the singer.

    "You will know when Vicky is in the room!" the singer laughs during a Saturday sneak peek of select tracks from her forthcoming, yet-untitled album, due in November.
    The song is called "Murder," and it might be her first single. It's one of six songs she recorded in Los Angeles over the past few months with VMA maestro Timbaland and crew, while she has seven others completed with Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and Kenna. Even Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes sneaks in a rap about how she has "diplomatic immunity."

    "This is really fun for me," Ashlee says. "I've always done guitar-based songs, and seeing what we can do with beats is so amazing."

    It is clear that by teaming up with Timbaland for her new record, Ashlee will be undergoing yet another transformation (a la Nelly Furtado style) to propell her back into the charts.

    "There is definitely a different element on the record," Simpson. "I have a pretty low voice, so I got to touch in with that, [and I've been inspired by] doing 'Chicago.'

    She'll let out her rebellious side on the record — as in songs like "Rulebreaker"
    "I like to break rules, get tattoos, scratch things. ... I'm a black sheep." It's a Vicky song, and Ashlee says, "She's tough. You don't want to mess with her."

    Another track, named "Ragdoll" tells about a previous lover who misstreated her and borderlines on the Emo genre, with lyrics of ""Our love must be tainted, if that's how you paint it. ... Don't you see my black tears?"

    Ashlee states that "While I have a sweet side, a soft side, sometimes you just want to kick some ass, too."


    Above: Ashlee pictured with Nick Cannon and Fall Out Boy boyfriend Pete Wentz at The Rolling Stone party on Saturday

  2. New face, new name, what's next?
  3. I know its crazy isnt it!

    It just makes you shake your head at the music industry... The very notion of how a musician can be 'reborn' simply due to a new haircut and outfit...

    Then they rub shoulders with a famous producer, and voila! They're 'cool' again!

    Look at Nelly, Rihanna and even Avril!

    And here I was thinking that music was about MUSIC and not looks... :p
  4. I find the "alter ego" concept utterly ridiculous- I don't like Ashlee Simpson and I doubt I'd like her 2nd personality either.
  5. haha. Couldn't agree more!
  6. What's wrong with what she's doing. Apart from the alter ego thing, a lot o singers change their image from album to album without getting critizied for it. And you haven't even heard the songs. No, I guess it isen't about the music and you prove it. WHere were these reactions when christina aguilera suddenly went on a nostalgia trip with her last album?
  7. LOL!! AGREED!!

    I dont really understand wat an alter-ego is. My mum gave me a vague explaination but i thought "No, thats just silly. That cant be it!"

    Good old Ashlee.. I just find shes always the one trailing along behind, desperatley trying to hop on the bandwagon..

    I suppose she has to find a way to become just as famous as Pete though - considering his popstar status has just flown through the roof!

    Im starting to imagine what her new 'image' will be (for example, christina aguilera has adopted the 1950's marilyn-inspired look)... and all i can do is cringe....
  8. I think she's a gorgeous girl (post surgery and makeover), but I have yet to see real talent from her, IMO. Maybe Vicky V. will have some! lol
  9. Pete Wentz is a famous popstar? You've got to be kidding.
  10. Yeah I understand what you mean - take a look at Madonna - she's gone through countless image changes to keep her career fresh and stay ahead of everyone else.

    But theres two things that stick out in my mind; Pete Wentz and Timbaland.

    Pete is now a rockstar. Hes the 'it' guy, because while hes not even the frontman of F.O.B, flocks of young women adore him & his sex appeal! Its been widely known that Ashlee is the catty, jealous type when it comes to her boy being asked for autographs off female fans.

    Im trying to see it from her point of view. And if I were her, i'd feel like I was in the shadows a bit! (being compared to both Pete and her sister Jessica would take its toll eventually.)

    And, surprise surprise, Ashlee has gone straight to the todays 'leading man' of music, Timbaland for help. He's been in the buisness for over ten years, producing and mixing. Yet only as his own career as a respected musician rockets the charts, Ashlee has come a knockin'.

    After creating such a dramatic transformation for Nelly Furtado (which worked wonders for her career then anything her boho indie days did), and his complilations with other artists such as 50 cent and Justin Timberlake, it was only a matter of time before other rusty stars began to rub shoulders with him.

    And who is he to complain? That just gets him more recognition, money and fame.
  11. I don't really understand this piece of news. On one hand they are saying Ashlee is going "emo" and "rocky", on the other, her new album is going in the direction of Nelly Furtado's latest. Or is this a case of edgy lyrics on hip-hop music? I guess I'll have to wait and listen to her new songs.
  12. Yeah i know.... thats why i felt odd posting this... because im thinking "okay so its going to be rocky, bad-girl songs about boys in an emo style". But next moment, theyre talking about electronic beats, timbaland and rapping!!

    Maybe vicky valentine knows...
  13. Exactly!
    Her boyfriends looks like the worse version of Anthony Kiedis - Red Hot Chilli Peppers leader.
  14. LOL Completely agree!
  15. :borg:Didn't Garth Brooks do this with his alter ego Chris Gaines? I see how it catapulted him into oblivion. Good luck Ashlentine or Vickshley or whatever you want to be called!:ninja: Don't they have pills to help people with schitzophrenia?:upsidedown: