Ashlee Simpson out with her Chloe Silverado

  1. I love her outfit, loving the skinny jeans and the black/white retro look. She is a style icon, very unique and individual. I also love her bag too :heart:
    ashlee silverado.jpg
  2. She does really look nice in this shot...I prefer her cleaned up like this.
  3. She looks great! I think she's just adorable and I lover her bag. Personally, I would love to see her with dark hair again. Gorgeous!
  4. i think shes trying to imitate her sister too much, maybe they have the same stylists..b/c god knows they cant dress themselves without one.
  5. I feel the same way.. I liked her much better with the "rocker chic" look. I think she is trying to escape her faux paus on Saturday Night Live by changing her look. I personally don't like her very much, I don't listen to what everyone considers popular music, so I only know her style and press image.. and I think she has a lot of PR work to do to get her image back where it should be... :censor:
  6. [​IMG]

    She is looking more like Jessica b4 she wanted to separate herself from JS now she's like a clone almost but without the double dd's.
  7. ^^ EXACTLY.
    maybe she figures she gets more press that way?
    i mean its scary...right down to the hair color and style..i rem on her show last year, or was it the yr before? she was doing her first photoshoot and jessica was there and was telling her how she looks like a boy and ashley was wining about how she likes looking like a tomboy and all that look at her? I sort of wished she didnt feed into the glitz and glam of hollywood and stayed true to what her music reflects...kwim?
  8. ps. whoever did that nose did an INCREDIBLE job..i think i heard one of the docs on dr.90210 did it...WOW its like a whole new person and now jess wants her chin shaved down? um gross.
  9. I think she is so cute! Her style is funky, young and edgy. I think her nose job looks great, and who cares if she looks like Jessica? They are sisters for god's sake!
  10. Yes, they are sisters but I guess most sibilings look-a-like naturally and others get PS to acheive the look.:hrmm:
  11. hahaha, well she is a natural blonde right? didnt she say she didnt want to dye her hair all the time because roots were annoying?

    i love that pic of her