ashlee simpson....or bag lady?

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  1. is it just me or does ashlee look like a little old lady who should be rattling her cup on a street corner

  2. she's trying to pull a mary kate. failing miserably.
  3. She does...except for the few grand in bags hanging from her body. Hollywood's version of the bag lady.
  4. hahahha what the heck. she's putting that balenciaga and lv to shame.
  5. Which Balenciaga she has?
  6. It's definitely not just you jc
  7. her poor bags.....looks like that louis's trying to run away from her and escape from behind......
  8. totally agree!!!! its trying really hard to get off her shoulder!!! she looks awful! but i totally love the b-bag!
  9. I am glad this pic was posted. OT I was wondering the name of the LV bag she is carrying. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  10. it's the LV MC sac bosphore.....costs $940....great travelling bag
    hers looks different because the backside of her bag is facing out.....
  11. Thank you jc2239! I saw this pic early this morning, and it's been on my mind all day! Best, aw
  12. WHat a ridiculous outfit, but love her black city though.
  13. ick! Outfit=horrible. Handbags=great.
  14. She looks awful. Love her LV though.
  15. Really like the LV....and yep, would definitely make a great travelling bag. Hhhmmmm, :idea: , well I am going on another cruise in May, I would need another travel bag. I'm glad pic was posted!;)