Ashlee Simpson New Video (Gwen Stefani knock-off???)

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  1. Check out the new video by Ashlee Simpson called "Get Outta My Head (ay ya ya)"

    Does this strangley remind you of Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For"???

    The ticking clock
    The Doctor/Therapy lounge
    The short platnium blonde wig?!
    Its like alice in wonderland... except its in a wasteland... :shrugs:

    I dont know... this is weird... :push:
    What are your opinions??
  2. i love it! i cant wait for her new cd to come out!
  3. i think she corny with her fake nose
    it pisses me off her whole first album was about becoming her own person and stepping out of the shadow of her sister and what did she do , she went off and got plastic surgery so she could look more like her sister, then started dressing like her sister and everyone else in hollywood
    she didnt become her own person and prove she was orig. she became a copy of everyone else and it makes me sick

    and i really liked her first album too, i think i may find songs from her next album catchy but i dont have any respect for her blech!
  4. Not keen on it.
  5. It's weird. She's trying to be too deep for a not so deep song. The song is catchy though.
  6. Like the song, hate the video.
  7. I like it! It's an okay video and a pretty good song. She looks good, too!
  8. she is too much of "acting" not natural at all.
  9. It's a bad knockoff of gwen stefani's 'what you waiting for' video... No likey:tdown:.
  10. Well put!! :tup:
    Thats exactly how I feel about her!
  11. I agree that it is similar to What you Waiting for, but I still think the video is cool (especially the Rubik's cube parts :biggrin:) and the song is really catchy.
  12. The first thing I thought of was Gwen Stefani when I first saw this video.
  13. hhhm... i dun liek it...:p
  14. I don't like the video or the song...but it is really catchy.
  15. I love Ashlee Simpson! Although I am not keen on the video I like the song. I will more than likely buy her cd when it comes out.