Ashlee Simpson-Make your vote!

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    Source: GettyImages

    Well, what do you all think? Does she look better or worse?
  2. I think she looks great although I almost didn't recognize her from the first photo.
  3. hmmmm.....i guess she looks okay after the fix
  4. she looks good after her fix. I think the old ashlee had a cute spunk to her look which her sister didn't have.
  5. she looks good~!

    although she looks more like Jessica now...
  6. Didn't she get her lips the picture it doesn't look like a difference? But I have to say she does look better now!
  7. She looks great. I gree with Texaschic. She looks more like Jessica now.
  8. Wow what a difference but agreed that she looks more like Jessica now than before. She had her own look and style that made her different from her sister but not anymore.
  9. She looks different. Pretty but not punky like I liked her. I liked her rocker chic style. I almost didn't recognize her.:oh:
  10. Give credit where credit is due...she looks great I have to agree!!!
  11. She looks good, but I agree with the others--she looks like Jessica now.
  12. She looks great but fakey looking
  13. Definatley better.

  14. Ditto
  15. her doc did an amazing job on her nose. i think she looks great