Ashlee Simpson Drunk at McDonald's Video

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  1. Wow... I know people tend to drink and get out of control. But it is not right for her to be rowdy at the Golden Arches. Check out the Vid here!

    Completely not necessary- who the hell cares who she is.
  2. I saw that through a link on another blog. Somewhere between pissed up (drunk) and coked up, if the eyewitnesses are to be believed. I mean, who does she think she is - Jessica?! *lmao*
  3. tara reid jr.
  4. Shes an airhead just like her sister
  5. Why is she famous again?
  6. b becasue of her big sis :P
  7. jessica's a giant airhead too
  8. Too funny (and sad)

  9. That is sad

  10. LOL. those 2 girls are not how they were like when they first started out in the biz
  11. no, you just didn't see that side of them. Just like you didn't see the white-trash side of Britney until she met her perfect match K-fed.

    It doesn't take any talent to be famous. It just takes pushy, extremely media-conscious and business-savvy parents who know what people want to see, and trying to control that public image as much as possible.
  12. Is it time for drug treatment? O, I forgot, she's a celebrity. She will go to the Betty Ford Clinic.
  13. Loser.
  14. I don't know too much about these Simpson girls but I do have my favorite "white trash" celebrity - wonder who all of you would vote for? Being a ***** and I know it.
  15. Britney......