Ashlee Simpson "dancing" at a Fall Out Boy Show

  1. Ashlee Simpson "dancing" (for lack of a better word!) at a FOB show (she's going out with the bassist). I thought it's cute to see her doing "normal" stuff and mixing with other kids (plus, she does have a great handbag collection, shame she isn't carrying one here).
  2. Aww looks like she was having fun and enjoying her BF's show.
  3. She was wasted. But having fun...
  4. haha..yeah she seems to be having a blast
  5. She looks totally drunk!
  6. She's having fun. Good for her.

    (I think she and Pete Wentz look so cute together!)
  7. Lol, that's cute. That looks like the "mosh pit" that my friends and I tried to make when we saw FOB in June, its so much fun!
  8. just looks like shes having fun :shrugs:
  9. :happydance:
  10. "Dance dance . . . "
  11. She's effing wasted.
  12. Haha. Ashlee, not a fan but at least she's having some fun!