Ashlee Simpson 2005 vs. Ashlee Simpson 2007

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    In my opinion, she is the "hotter" of the Simpson sisters right now.
  2. You can tell she has grown up. That fake nose kinda creeps me out. I still think Jessica is the cuter of the two (when she dresses correctly).
  3. I like her more now.
  4. i actually prefer the old ashley. she was more 'unique' then, now she's like every other singer. don't know, maybe just my impression....
  5. i like more now!
  6. The OLD Ashlee is cooler. She seems to be so artificial nowadays
  7. ^ I agree, she does seem over done. Somehow at the same time she looks more grown up too.
  8. I like the Old Ashlee better....and no matter how much surgery she gets....Jess will always be hotter!!
  9. She should have NEVER gotten her nose done
  10. I like the "old" Ashley better, but it seems like the old Ashley was just a fake persona to get attention and differentiate herself from her sister, Like if she came out looking the way she does now no one would have really cared they would have been saying Oh she is just copying Jess, so they decided to give her a more "punk" persona, kwim?
  11. I like the new Ashley better!
  12. I liked her with darker hair..
  13. Not a fan of her or her sister..but I must admit she looks alot better now! Her old nose was ugly!
  14. Why can't she look her age, more natural. Her look is so fake but I guess it is hard living in her sister's shadow.
  15. She looks just fine.