Ashlee & Her Bf Pete Share Makeup

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    You've gotta love a couple where they guy wears more eye makeup than the girl, though in Ashlee Simpson makes up for it with an excess of bright red lipstick. But hey, they're young, relatively cute, and happy -- and isn't that all that matters
  2. Pete looks half dead in that pic... ick
  3. I thought she was dating the asian guy from her band??
  4. wow her hair looks quite dirty in the pictures ew
  5. I :heart: Pete. But he does look rather ghostly in that pic.
  6. yeah! he looks like a ghost here! :lol: :lol:
  7. Ehh not very flattering...
  8. Oh my!!!
  9. ummm...................interesting.............i dont like the red lipstick on Ashlee, IMO
  10. Her bf looks really pale in the pic, is it because of the makeup?
  11. Lets not use the term boyfriend yet, we don't know for sure! lol!! *hoping not* anyways i think its just a bad pic of him, he's normally super hot.
  12. He's hot.
    I think it's funny on the newer fallout boy video how they make fun of him that time the pictures of his penis were leaked
  13. I love it! Relatively cute!:roflmfao: So true :roflmfao:
  14. :yes::yes:
  15. I think he's hot too!

    I think they look cute together!