Ashlee At A Club With Her New Man

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    Ashlee Simpson poses with her new man Pete Wentz at MisShapes (09/02/06)
  2. ugh... misshapes. the scurge of humanity. are we sure the guy is her BF? or just some random hookup/band singer. because that's totally the new cool thing to do- have indie rock lead singer boyfriends.
  3. What happened to that guitarist in her band whom she was dating awhile back? New nose, new man??
  4. Isn't that guy from Fall Out Boy or something? I thought the other one was cuter...Braxton (I think). I bet this makes things awkward in the band!
  5. UGH! Don't get me started on this one!! That is Peter Wentz from Fall Out Boy! and how COULD he go with one of the dumb and dumber sisters?!:lol: I love Petey!!
  6. Her old boyfriends name was Brandon Olixta..and yea she broke up with him. And the guy who is her "new" boyfriend is Pete Wentz ( he's a member from the band Fall Out Boy ).

    But yea rumor is that they both broke up with their boyfriends/girlfriends to be with each other...Pete Wentz broke up with Michelle Trachenburg ( she played Dawn in Buffy and she was also in the movie Ice Princess )...and Ashlee broke up with Brandon ( her old bandmate ). It's all very stupid in my opinion and they don't make a cute couple.:rolleyes:
  7. hmmm.... if they are whatever, good for them.. I don't really like them as a couple though.. hehe
  8. The whole situation with ashlee dating a band member and now having broken up kind of makes me think of the band No Doubt (no I'm not comparing ashlee to gwen...NO WAY) as in my opinion gwen and "that guy" (sorry can't remember his name) splitting up really took the band and their music to different level.

    Ok, I'm done sharing my random thoughts...:back2topic:
  9. New man. Her hair looks greasy.
  10. nooooo ashlee can't have pete wentz, he's mine!

    seriously, met him a few years back when fall out boy was a tiny, tiny band touring in a van and they played at a local venue, he was super sweet, and he's so cute. and she....well, she's ashlee simpson.
  11. :lol: + :roflmfao: x 1 billion.

    That's hilarious. :P
  12. noooo where did the blonde go?
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. Yeah, what's up with the greasy looking hair, yuk:yucky:
  15. I think it's cute how thier bangs match!
    Sarcasm Alert!
    OK, I don't think it's cute it's just the first thing I thought.