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  1. Have any of you shopped at
    Are they legit?
  2. Yes they are, my husband bought the Cartier Tank watch from them.
  3. Yep they are! Whatchu looking to buy?:love:
  4. i bought my fendi wallet from them, got free regular shipping, and the thing was here in, i kid you not, two days. that includes the time it took to get through the campus mail. i LOVE them.
  5. Their assortment is hit-or-miss but they are honorable and fast. I bought a Lambertson Truex bag from them and I just bought a pearl bracelet.
  6. yep, you gotta check often, the good stuff gets gone quick
  7. Wow, very cool.
    I've looked the site so many times but was always a bit cautious because of the prices.
    Happy to hear good things, thanks.
  8. Yes, it's a legit site. I have a beautiful white gold charm bracelet from
  9. Oooohh... I just checked Ashford for the burgundy Balanciaga I posted above last night and the price dropped from $299 to $199!! So guess what, I snatched it up asap. lol After the additional 10% off coupon, this is such a good deal! Kee kee...
  10. Their bags are real and they have a great selection of high quality bags like Prada, and Fendi.

    You won't find the latest and greatest bags there, but you will find some wonderful classic pieces.

    Keep in mind, coupon codes are always floating around for Ashford. I knew of one that gave 20% off handbags that is probably still valid. Their markdowns might go even higher for the Holiday shopping season.