added some new bags

  1. do they sell authentic stuff?
    i think i remember googling this and there are a couple of complains about them not selling authentic stuff. but i could be wrong. can somebody please clarify this?
  2. I bought a few watches and a Gucci Jackie O bag from them back in the days when they carried loads of designer handbags. I think they sell authentic stuff but nowadays, with the stories of Bluefly, Costco, and other big named companies caught selling fake stuff, you just never know. It's not that we don't trust their names, but we don't trust their buyers!
  3. i think ashford is good..
    ibought 2 watches from them... looks good ^^ and great price...

    i also bought a fendi bag once and it was nice too came w/ all the dust bag & everything...
  4. i bought a prada pochette from ashford and it looks alright to me... but it was 2 years ago already so i dont know if they're selling fake stuff now...
  5. I purchased an authentic Ebel watch from Ashford about 7 years ago. However, 2 years ago when I bought an MJ Stella it turned out to be fake.
  6. I purchased a prada bag from them about 1.5 years ago and it was fake beyond belief. I would NEVER buy from them.
  7. I purchased a Chanel classic flap bag in pink caviar from them. It was horrible! The Caviar leather looked like it had been burned. The inside leather was white, not the typical pink. The quality overall was so poor it looked like it had been done "after hours" by people who didn't know what they were doing. They had extremely poor customer service until I got to the CEO. To me, it was not worth it. I would never order from them again. I would rather save and pay the extra money in a boutique and feel wonderful about my purchase and be worry-free.
  8. oh...i thought i am the only one who has problem with them....
    i bought a chopard diamond watch from them and it's fake, the stud fell out after wore several times and I never had this problem with my other watches....i thought i got a deal cuz it's lower than market price, but if it's fake, it's a rip off!
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