Ashes & Snow

  1. Just saw this show today and it was incredible. Some of it was a little over-the-top "sensitive ponytail guy" new age but I enjoyed the majority of it. If it is coming to a town near you, I highly suggest catching it.

    oh and by the way, I ran into Diane Keaton at the show. We were both looking around in the gift area and she almost walked right into me. She laughed and said, "don't mind me, I'm just was just looking at the $25,000 three volume book set!" To which I replied, "$25,000? Where?" She said, "right behind you" and giggled as she walked away. She was very cute. (she thought $25 grand was too much for the set - she could have bought one for both of us!!!)
  2. Okee-thanks for the tip. haven't heard of this.

    sorry to shout but I would have loved to be there!
  3. She was very petite. She was dressed in black pants, black blazer, signature dark glasses with round frames and her ever present little hat! Loved her!

    oh, and NO BAG! was there with her driver I think. no entourage whatsoever.
  4. I heard about this! My friend was just in LA last month and saw the show in Santa Monica. He told me that it is absolutely beautiful! I won't be back in LA until August and it will probably be gone but I'm going to try to catch seeing it somewhere.
  5. Everyone I know who has gone has loved that exhibit. I hope I catch it before it leaves town. Fun celeb sighting!
  6. That is so cool, Bagnshoofetish! :smile: Diane K seems like a really nice person, I love her in Something's Gotta Give :smile:
  7. That looks so neat! I hope it comes to the northeast...