Ashanti @ 2007 American Music Awards - Arrivals, Los Angeles, November 18

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  2. nice dress. She looks good
  3. love her voice, love her!
  4. I like her music. She is cute
    But when I seen her on Punked, her attitude just sucked!.... IDK it just changed my Opinion of her......I don't care for her.
  5. Ashanti who?
  6. Okay, hope this doesn't offend anyone, but what has she really done lately? I can't even remember the name of the last song she released. It's like she made a few hits around the same time Ja Rule was making hits, and then they just fell off the face of the planet. I still see her going to celebrity events, even though she hasn't really done anything as of late to merit an invitation.
  7. Alot of people havent done anything to merit any invitations.
    Sista put on a lil weight she looks good! The color of the dress is pretty!
  8. she looks like a princess. Except she doesnt know how to pose in that dress. no need to your hands on your hip. the dress speaks for itself. lol
  9. I love this picture and the dress is gorgeous