"Ashamed" of Mono?

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  1. I'm not new to LV, but I am new to TPF (love it!) and fashion boards in general, so this may not be a new phenomenon--just something I'm noticing for the first time: are some ladies (and gentlemen) "ashamed" of or "embarrassed" by their LV bags, or, more specifically, by their monogram bags?

    Maybe I've just spent too much time giggling at the pretension of Madison Avenue Spy; but I seem to see a lot of comments (at this subforum, other subforums, and other boards) about the "commeness" of LV generally and mono in particular, and shying away from certain bags for that reason.

    I'm not referring to those who just don't like certain materials or patterns, because we are all certainly entitled to dislike a bag, even if we generally like the brand. I'm just referring to actually liking a bag, but feeling uncomfortable buying/carrying it because of the fear of being judged or snubbed due to some sort of reverse snobbery. Do any TPF'ers reject certain bags/categories of bags (LV or otherwise) if they seem "too common," even if they otherwise like the bag?
  2. i personally prefer any other line except for Toile Monogram. it's just too loud for me as bag, i prefer the more sober Damier or the more non-descript leathers. i do buy the occassional SLG in Monogram, but mostly Special Editions (Groom, China Run).

    it's just my personal preference of understated elegant materials over the overly loud monogram.
  3. my first bag was the mono large accessories clutch and i have to say that while i love the patina the vachetta is getting, i dont love the looks i get. i get looks even with my damier though, but many more when i have just the clutch. and i think i would not buy a large mono piece because of it.
  4. I would wear bags that I like even if they're in the mono canvas. Personally I like bags more in Damier or Epi but if there's a style that comes only in Mono and if I really like it then I would buy it and wear it proudly. Other's opinions and judgements are their problem...I pay no attention to them.
  5. My first LV is a Tivoli GM. A lot of people made snarky comments about owning an expensive bag so I don't really use it anymore....... Besides, keeping the vachetta flawless is driving me nuts. Nowadays I find myself liking Suhali and Mahina so no more mono bags for me!
  6. I think that the mono attracts a lot of attention. It's annoying because people act as if LV's cost a million dollars, and are the only premiere bags out. Due to this, I lean towards the damier. The only mono bag I own is the Eva.
  7. I personally love mono (and damier), but had my share of comments. Some shame, but then I learned on this forum ROCK WHAT YOU LOVE! Don't let other people influence you
  8. I love mono and I could care less what anyone has to say about it. I just see it as they are the ones missing out.
  9. Oh, I certainly respect everyone's right to their preferences but I'm not sure how mono is really "loud"--is that based on it being more recognizable than other LV lines?
  10. Do people really have the nerve to give you unpleasant looks? How ridiculous of them! I've had those silly ladies give me the "I would never pay that much for a bag" speech, which I always find incredibly rude--why would they presume to question how I spend my money!

    By the way, I love the look of the mini Ulysse Agenda! :love:. My aunt offered me her very gently used large Globetrotter, but it seemed a little big to carry about, even in one of my giant totes (I'm like an Olsen twin when it comes to bags--the bigger the better! :biggrin:).
  11. That's why I love it here! :cloud9:
  12. I buy what I like, and I don't care even if it's 'loud', because as long as I like it then it's okay. However, sometimes I don't want to wear my designer bags or clothes around my family because they're always telling me how I need to save my money and not just keep spending it on designer clothes and bags.
  13. I love mono, if it lets people know my bag is LV, so what? IT IS LV, and I feel blessed to be able to afford an LV bag. It's nobody's business if I choose to spend my money on any certain bag. I would never let what anyone else thinks deter me from buying what I want. How about expensive cars? My husband drives a Mercedes, do you think he cares if the person in the next car thinks he's wrong for paying so much for a car? Would you drive an old clunker just so people wouldn't think you were extravagent when you could afford and really wanted a Maybach? If we let people dictate to us what we should love and have, we will have a pretty miserable life, and if we fall into that trap, we deserve it! As for mono being "loud", I don't think it is. I think is just recognizable and people automatically know which designer it is at a glance. Haters will hate no matter what you are carrying if it is in the least bit better than what they have!
  14. I just like what I like and I don't really care if it's Mono or Damier or any other collection. I've never gotten any negative comments due to my bags being Louis Vuitton...except when someone asks me where they can get one ;)
  15. If you love it, then doesn't matter what others think.
    I've always been a fan of discreet, so most of my items are damier or epi, but I have some mono and vernis as well.